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using rose tinted binoculars...

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  • xhiko@livejournal.com
I love to read and dream

I have a highly imaginative mind sometimes too imaginative

I'm a hyperactive sloth

I hate procrastinators but I'm a master at cramming

I'm a professional bum

I'm a computer junkie

A closet cartoon fanatic

Love solving crimes of the dead on CSI be it in vegas, the big apple or the glades, i've also joined the teams of NCIS on the east AND west coast

Love the world from the Leaky Cauldron to the borders of the Forbidden Forest and beyond

Who knew that that "beyond" was at Forks, WA at twilight on a new moon during an eclipse right before the breaking dawn?

And it goes to the top of the empire state building with the last olympian searching for the lightning thief in a labyrinth full of sea monsters...

Yeah...it's a harrowing experience--but still a damn good adventure worthy of sharing...